Anesthesiology Group Partnerships

Partnering with AABP  means the opportunity to become part of a rapidly growing high-quality medical practice.

By partnering with AABP you become part of an organization that:

  • Cares about your business
  • Values leadership and integrity
  • Accepts only the highest quality results
  • Is dedicated to delivering a fair deal for your practice – whether it be up front liquidity, a meaningful equity stake or immediate partnership
  • Provides you the best chances for financial security

AABP brings a wide range of resources that anesthesiology groups need to grow in this ever-changing medical landscape. We enable our physician partners to focus on delivering the best healthcare services without worrying about the arduous task of dealing with insurance companies. Our experienced leadership allows us to make quality partnerships with leading medical groups while also achieving organic growth.

Finally, at AABP we believe in a team approach to achieve patient safety, customer satisfaction and operating efficiency. We use continuous quality improvement (CQI) practices with the latest electronic health record (EHR) to consistently and regularly monitor our quality levels and make adjustments to our practices in real-time. This in turn leads to a higher degree of patient safety and satisfaction scores providing metrics that improve our reimbursement rates.

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